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Not logged-in though logged-in

Hi there. I have recently installed mediawiki for a wiki called "WiJuKi". So far it's running perfectly due to the productive manuals and hints; thanks a lot for that. But why is it that, although I am logged in, I am not if entering the site via google? Any clue?

What bots are available? (Suggested FAQ Question)

Please add a FAQ question about where to find bots for a new maintenance section of the FAQ. Content something like the content in Lists of bots would be helpful.

Duplicate TOCs

First sentence in this article notwithstanding, is there a way to put duplicate TOCS in a article? Or grab one page's TOC from another? Or use a template or extension to create a de facto TOC?

I have a request for a wikibook I'm putting together to have a fixed-position sidebar that has a expandable, up-to- date TOC always there. Ideally, I could use a template using [ Extension:CustomNavBlocks CustomNavBlocks] that would either allow me to move the per article TOC into that position or duplicate it there.

I am also interested in being able to sew together a global dynamic TOC from all the article TOCs in the Main Page of the "book." --Two7s clash 11:05, 20 April 2010 (UTC)

"4a98" and other 4 number symbols in a head when open a non-existing page

I installed an engine to path "wika" from the directional path. And now there is a strange dynamic symbols arising bug such as "48ae". What can it be?

window.createPopup clumsiness

this browser probe is highly unreliable use key = e.which || e.keyCode

Vector in stable versions

I really do like the improvements of the new vector skin. I know that it is only available in beta versions right now. Since uses this skin i asked myself, do they use betas? Well i am not sure if it is a wise decision whether to use a beta version or not in a business context. To get to the point, does someone know, when it is going to be available in stable versions.

File uri qualifier

I found the FAQ item listed in the old faq to be very helpful.

I feel this topic should be addressed on this newer faq. Additionally, I didn't like the implementation suggested for version 1.8 and onwards of copying the array contents from include/DefaultSettings.php to LocalSettings.php and then modifying. Instead, I implemented the change by adding this to my LocalSettings.php file, and feel this should be listed in the faq

 array_push($wgUrlProtocols, 'file://');

Hiding tabs from non-logged in users

In the section on hiding tabs from logged in users, the article gives an example of hiding it from all users. This is misleading and wrong. Someone should fix this asap. --Svippong 10:28, 8 August 2010 (UTC)


Can anybody tell that, what are the problems corporations facing, due to changes in IFRS?


W:IFRS is not a topic for this FAQ

is there any documentation how to upload to host from localhost?

I'm new to mediawiki, and this is very good app. Right now, i'm trying to customize mediawiki on localhost. Is there any "basic rule" when we want to upload into hosting? It's like what folder or file need certain permission, what folder can deleted (e.g. docs?) etc Thank you for the answer and sorry for my bad english.

Removing the Login link from all pages

function NoLoginLinkOnMainPage( &$personal_urls ){
    unset( $personal_urls['login'] );
    unset( $personal_urls['anonlogin'] );
    return true;

It don't work :(

I've installed MediaWiki on a Debian 5.0.6 vServer with:

apt-get install mediawiki

16:22, 24 November 2010 (UTC)

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