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O ficheiro wrapOldPasswords.php é um script de manutenção que envolve todas as senhas de um determinado tipo em um tipo especificado de camadas que envolve o tipo antigo.

If necessary, the old MD5 hashing can be restored by changing $wgPasswordDefault to 'B'.

This maintenance script can wrap all passwords in 'pbkdf2-legacyA' or 'pbkdf2-legacyB' if you do not want to wait for your users to log in.


Opção Descrição Required?
--type Type to convert to. This must be one of the layered types from $wgPasswordConfig , meaning either pbkdf2-legacyA or pbkdf2-legacyB. Required
--verbose Create verbose output during execution. Optional
--update Actually wrap passwords Optional


php maintenance/wrapOldPasswords.php --type PasswordConfigKey [ --verbose| --update ]

Dry run

$ php maintenance/wrapOldPasswords.php --type pbkdf2-legacyA

7 user rows found using old password formats. Run script again with --update to update these rows

Updating the password

$ php maintenance/wrapOldPasswords.php --type pbkdf2-legacyA --update

7 users rows updated.

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