This page is a translated version of the page Manual:UserOptions.php and the translation is 25% complete.


Use the userOptions.php script provided with MediaWiki to change the options for existing users (or see how many are differing from your new defaults).

php userOptions.php gadget-HotCat --new 1 --old ''

For example, to change namespaces search user pages:

php userOptions.php --nowarn --quiet searchNs2 --old 0 --new 1

If you just did create new namespaces, the searchNsX fields are not yet defined. Use the following syntax instead:

php userOptions.php --nowarn --quiet searchNs2 --old "" --new 1

For other namespaces, just replace searchNs# with the namespace number like one of those listed on the Manual:Namespace page.

# php userOptions.php

This script pass through all users and change one of their options.
The new option is NOT validated.

    php userOptions.php --list
    php userOptions.php [user option] --usage
    php userOptions.php [options] <user option> --old <old value> --new <new value>

    --list : list available user options and their default value

    --usage : report all options statistics or just one if you specify it.

    --old <old value> : the value to look for
    --new <new value> : new value to update users with

    --nowarn: hides the 5 seconds warning
    --quiet : do not print what is happening
    --dry   : do not save user settings back to database
When using the --usage option, This will not list statistics for people who have the default value for that option set. If all users have the default value for that option set, the script will print nothing except done.