Manual:Short URL/Abyss

This is how to configure Abyss Web Server X2 & MediaWiki Localsettings.php to produce MediaWiki Short URL

This is for Windows Operating System Users

Step 1 - Setting Up Abyss Web Server X2Edit

  • Log into Abyss Web Server X2 Console.
  • Click configure on the host needed to configure.
  • Click on URL Rewriting.
  • Click the add button to add URL Rewriting Rule
  • Check the check box to enable Rule.
  • Set the type to global.
  • For Virtual Path Regular Expression type: ^/wiki/(.*)$
  • Do not check the check box to enable Case Sensitive.
  • Add the following two Conditions.
    • Variable: REQUEST_FILENAME, Condition: Is not a file
    • Variable: REQUEST_FILENAME, Condition: Is not a directory
  • Check the check box to enable  Apply to subrequests.
  • Chose If this rule matches Perform an internal redirection.
  • Chose to Redirect to /wiki/index.php?title=$1
  • Enabled the two check boxes
  • Append Query String
  • Escape Redirection
  • Chose Next Action: Stop matching
  • Click OK.
  • Click Restart to to apply the modifications.

Step 2 - Editing LocalSettings.phpEdit

  • Open Mediawiki localsettings.php and type
  • Find and change the following settings or type them in if they do not exist:
$wgScriptPath = "/wiki";        // may already exist
$wgArticlePath = "/wiki/$1";    // tells MediaWiki how IIS will be rewriting URLs
$wgUsePathInfo = false;    // mine was false you may have to set yours to true

and that's all now you have the MediaWiki Short URLs on my Abyss Web Server X2

Navigate to your domain in your browser.