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recountCategories.php is a maintenance script used to update the counts of category members, if the numbers displayed on category pages are inaccurate. During normal operation, it shouldn't be needed to run this script. However, a bug may cause the counts to not update properly (see task T18036 and task T85696 and task T170737, the script was run on all public Wikimedia wikis 2021-06-23).


Option Description Pakollinen?
--mode Which category count column to recompute: one of pages, subcats or files. Required
--begin Only recount categories with cat_id greater than the given value Optional
--throttle Wait this many milliseconds after each batch. Default: 0 Optional
--skip-cleanup Skip running cleanupEmptyCategories if the "page" mode is selected Optional


php maintenance/recountCategories.php --mode modeName [ --begin| --throttle| --skip-cleanup ]

With pages mode


With subcats mode


With files mode


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