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Recent changes consist of revisions and log items that are recorded in, and purged from, the recentchanges table, as specified in certain configuration settings. Wiki users can view them at Special:RecentChanges, and clients can access them via the recentchanges part of the API or by connecting to the wiki's RCFeed .

Hooks edit

If a particular namespace or log type needs to be hidden in Recent Changes, you can use the ChangesListSpecialPageQuery hook.

Internationalisation edit

The header of the Recent changes page is the content of system message "recentchanges" (Recent changes). The same system message is used on the sidebar to link to Special:RecentChanges.

The name of Special:RecentChanges can be translated following the general process for translating special page names. The English version always works.

There is a system message "recentchanges-url", specifying the target of the recent changes link, but in view of the above there is no need for deviating from the English content "Special:Recentchanges". If there is a localized page title for use as target in links (see above) this shows up, depending on the browser, in the status bar. This is a disadvantage for users who are not familiar with the site language and have not set their preferred interface language.

There are also the system message "recentchangestext" and several others related to recent changes.

Recent changes stream edit

You can sign up for updates on changes to all Wikimedia wikis by subscribing to the recent changes stream on wikitech:EventStreams. IRC recent changes feeds on are replaced by this.

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