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rebuildtextindex.php is a maintenance script used to [re]create the text index that allows users to use the search facility in your wiki. 検索結果がないか、またはほとんどないことに気付いた場合に、これを実行すべきです。



php maintenance/rebuildtextindex.php

> php maintenance/rebuildtextindex.php
Dropping index...
Rebuilding index fields for 1426 pages...
Rebuild the index...


MediaWiki バージョン: 1.24
  • Note that before MediaWiki 1.25 this script does only add new entries to the searchindex table for existing pages, but it doesn't purge that table to remove deleted pages. If you get wrong search results (e.g. because deleted pages are still in the searchindex table data), this script will not help (タスク T64276). To purge old entries, delete all rows of that table before running the script. This is no longer necessary since MediaWiki 1.25 where this bug has been fixed.