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reassignEdits.php file is a maintenance script to reassign edits from a user or IP address to another user.


Opción/parámetro Descripción Required?
<from> username or IP address to assign edits from Required
<to> username to assign edits to Required
--force reassign even if the target user doesn't exist Optional
--norc don't update the recent changes table Optional
--report print out details of what would be changed, but don't update it Optional
--quiet don't print status information (except for errors) Optional


php maintenance/reassignEdits.php <from> <to> [ --force| --norc| --report| --quiet ]

$ php maintenance/reassignEdits.php "0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1" "Foo"

Checking current edits...found 13.
Checking deleted edits...found 0.
Checking recent changes...found 16.

Total entries to change: 29

Reassigning current edits...done.
Updating recent changes...done.
Spaces inside a username must be replaced with underscores ( _ ).

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