Manual:Pywikibot/ merely outputs the watchlist of the account running the script.


Syntax is straightforward, as there appear to be no arguments which can be used with it. Just type python watchlist


From a command line this displays the currently logged in account's watchlist as a list of page titles, and updates the local cache of the watchlist used by other pywikibot modules.

When calling from other programmes, useful functions within this module include refresh() (refreshing the local copy of the watchlist, normally only done monthly) and isWatched() (returning True or False) with watch() and unwatch() available from

For example the following Python code will unwatch any matching currently watched image on Commons category "Flowers":

import wikipedia, catlib, pagegenerators
from watchlist import isWatched

site = wikipedia.getSite('commons', 'commons')
cat = catlib.Category(site,'Category:Flowers')
gen = pagegenerators.CategorizedPageGenerator(cat,recurse=False)

for page in gen:
  if isWatched(title, site):
    print "Unwatching",title