Download Pywikibot with SVNEdit

As of January 2023, it is still possible to use SVN to download Pywikibot. As of January 2024, this will no longer be supported. We suggest to use pip to install and update Pywikibot instead.

Windows users may use the GUI extension TortoiseSVN, see next section below.

For installing with SVN you should run

$ svn co
$ cd stable/scripts
$ svn co i18n
Download Pywikibot with TortoiseSVN for Windows userEdit

TortoiseSVN is a Windows shell extension with GUI working as SVN client. You may download the current release at:

If you like using TortoiseSVN you may use it as follows:

  1. Right-click on your preferred directory and execute "SVN Checkout..."
  2. Choose "URL of repository" and paste the URL
  3. Choose "Checkout directory and change the default directory which is <your preferred directory>/pywikibot e.g. to <your preferred directory>/svn-core if you like.
  4. Confirm with [ OK ]
Now we have to install external libraries used by the framework. There are different ways to do that e.g. again with the checkout command. Another way is using properties. You may set it manually but it is very easy to use the preference file named .svnprops coming with the framework which sets all the needed properties:
  1. Right-click your working directory
  2. Select the last item in the drop list which might be folder's "Properties"
  3. Select "Subversion" tab and click on [ Properties... ] button
  4. click [ Import... ] and select the file ".svnprops" in your framework folder
  5. Confirm with [ OK ] for property settings
  6. Confirm with [ OK ] for folder properties
  7. Now right-click onto your working copy and select "SVN update" to download the external libraries.


Updating the working copy

Right-click on your working copy and choose "SVN Update"

Updating svnEdit

$ svn up stable
$ cd stable/scripts
$ svn up i18n
Updating with TortoiseSVN (for Windows user)Edit

Updating the working copy with TortoiseSVN is just easy: Right-click on your working copy directory and choose "SVN Update"

If you need more help on setting up your Pywikibot visit the #pywikibot IRC channel connect or pywikibot@ mailing list.