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O arquivo purgeParserCache.php é um script de manutenção que remove objetos antigos do cache do analisador. This script only works when the parser cache is in an SQL database, by setting $wgMainCacheType or $wgParserCacheType to their appropriate values.


Opção/Parâmetro Descrição Required?
--expiredate Delete objects expiring before this date. The date can be specified in any format supported by the strtotime() function, like, for example, 20231207112735. Optional
--age Delete objects created more than this many seconds ago, assuming $wgParserCacheExpireTime has been consistent. Optional
--dry-run Perform a dry run, to verify age and date calculation. Optional
--msleep Milliseconds to sleep between purge chunks of $wgUpdateRowsPerQuery. Optional
--tag Purge a single server only. This feature is designed for use by large wiki farms where one has to purge multiple servers concurrently in order to keep up with new writes. This requires using the SqlBagOStuff "servers" option in $wgObjectCaches . Optional

You must specify either expiredate or age.


php maintenance/purgeParserCache.php [ --expiredate| --age | --dry-run| --msleep| --tag ]


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