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purgePage.php file is a maintenance script to purge both internal and external caches.

This is the equivalent to action=purge (tarefa T169195) and performs the following actions:

  • Re-parses the wikitext, saves changes to the database (e.g. current expansion of magic words and templates, writes links to the database for images, links-here, categories etc.).
  • Performs a database write for page.page_touched to the current time, which has potential cascading effects to other areas of the application.
  • Purges the page's canonical URLs from File cache ($wgUseFileCache ) and/or from external Squid/Varnish proxy (this is the part that purgeList.php does).
  • In addition, individual page types (such as FilePage) and extensions, may register additional actions. For example, when purging a File page, it also deletes thumbnails from Swift storage, and purge the URLs of all thumbnail sizes and variations (page1, page2, 120px, 320px etc. etc.)
Atenção Atenção: Se estiver usando cache de arquivos, é importante executar esse script como o mesmo usuário que o mediawiki (ou seu servidor da web) executa. Caso contrário, o script pode não ter direitos de sistema de arquivos para excluir entradas do cache de arquivos


Option Description Required?
--skip-exists-check Skip page existence check Optional


php maintenance/purgePage.php [ --skip-exists-check ]

Give a list of page titles to purge, one per line, from standard input:


Give a list of page titles to purge, one per line, from a file:


where purge.txt contains a list of pagenames to be regenerated.

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