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purgeExpiredWatchlistItems.php is a maintenance script that deletes expired rows from the watchlist and watchlist_expiry database tables.

This script should be run periodically, for example, by a cron job. The recommended periodicity is once or twice a day, to account for users on different timezones. For improved site performance, $wgWatchlistPurgeRate can be set to 0.


This script doesn't have any of its own parameters, and the most useful of the generic parameters is probably --batch-size, which determines how many rows will be deleted on each run (defaults to 500).


php maintenance/purgeExpiredWatchlistItems.php

Common error

Watchlist expiry is not enabled.

An error is thrown if $wgWatchlistExpiry is not true. Set $wgWatchlistExpiry = true; to enable.

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