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Le fichier protect.php est un script de maintenance qui gère la (non)protection des pages.

Options et arguments

This script takes the title of the page as the first argument.

Tip: Spaces inside a title must be replaced with underscores ( _ ), or use double quotation marks like "Foo Bar"

This script accepts these options:

Option Obligatoire Valeur par défaut
--unprotect Removes protection optionnel
--semiprotect Adds semi-protection optionnel
--cascade Add cascading protection optionnel
--user Username to protect with optionnel
--reason Reason for un/protection optionnel


php maintenance/protect.php title [ --unprotect| --semiprotect| --cascade| --user| --reason ]

Allowing only autoconfirmed users to edit the page


Allowing only sysop users to edit the page


Removing protection from a page


Protecting a page as username "Foo"

If you don't pass the --user option to the script, it will perform the action with user User:Maintenance script.


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