This file contains functions for recursively expanding variables, parser functions, templates, and template parameters. As an intermediate step it creates an XML DOM representation of the wikitext (see also Help:ExpandTemplates#XML parse tree).

Functions called from Parser.php include:

  • function preprocessToObj - preprocesses wikitext and returns a document tree, also called DOM tree. It calls:
    • function preprocessToXml - parses the wikitext with respect to double braces {{...}}, triple braces {{{...}}}, and double rectangular brackets [[...]], and also finds the pipes | and the equals signs =. The result is the DOM tree.
  • function expand - produces the expanded wikitext from the DOM tree. It performs double-brace expansion, calling function braceSubstitution in Parser.php, and triple-brace expansion, calling function argSubstitution in Parser.php.

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