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populateIpChanges.php is a maintenance script that finds all rows in the revision table where the user is an IP and copies relevant fields to the ip_changes table. This backfilled data is then available when querying for IP ranges on Special:Contributions.


オプション 説明 必須かどうか 既定
--rev-id rev_id to start copying from. 省略可能 0
--max-rev-id rev_id to stop at 省略可能 Maximum rev_id of results
--throttle Wait this many milliseconds after copying each batch of revisions 省略可能 0
--force Run regardless of whether the database says it has been run already 省略可能


php maintenance/populateIpChanges.php [ --rev-id| --max-rev-id| --throttle| --force ]
$ php maintenance/populateIpChanges.php

Copying IP revisions to ip_changes, from rev_id 0 to rev_id 249
...checking 148 revisions for IP edits that need copying, between rev_ids 0 and 200
...checking 29 revisions for IP edits that need copying, between rev_ids 201 and 249

Attempted to insert 152 IP revisions, 0 actually done.