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Details edit

populateImageSha1.php file is a maintenance script to populate the img_sha1 field. The img_sha1 field in the image table is used to store SHA-1 hash of the file contents in base 36 format.

This script runs by default when you run update.php .

Options/Arguments edit

Option Description Required?
--multiversiononly Calculate only for files with several versions Optional
--method Use 'pipe' to pipe to mysql command line, default uses Database class Optional
--file Fix for a specific file, without File: namespace prefixed Optional
--force Recalculate sha1 for rows that already have a value Optional

Usage edit

php maintenance/populateImageSha1.php [ --multiversiononly| --method| --file| --force ]

Whenever the script runs, it makes a note in the database and will not run again. If you want to run the script again, run the command with the --force option.

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