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populateExternallinksIndex60.php is a maintenance script that populates the el_index_60 field in the externallinks table. el_index_60 is el_index truncated to 60 bytes to allow for sortable queries that aren't supported by a partial index.

This script runs by default when you run update.php . It processes 200 items in a batch.


This script does not take any options or arguments.


php maintenance/populateExternallinksIndex60.php
$ php maintenance/populateExternallinksIndex60.php

Populating externallinks.el_index_60...
el_id 0 - 200 of 213
el_id 200 - 400 of 213

Done, 3 rows updated.
Whenever the script runs, it makes a note in the database and will not run again. If you want to run the script again, run the command with the --force option.

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