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populateContentTables.php is a maintenance script that migrates revision data to account for database schema changes done as part of the Multi-Content Revisions project (creation of the content , content_models , slots , slot_roles tables, deprecation of the concept of content formats).

MediaWiki 1.32.0 (phab:T182682) で導入されました。

This script is run automatically by update.php and processes 500 items in a batch.


オプション 説明 必須かどうか
--table revision or archive table, or all to populate both 省略可能
--reuse-content Reuse content table rows when the address and model are the same.
This will increase the script's time and memory usage, perhaps significantly.
--start-revision Query group to check specifically 省略可能
--start-archive Use an external cluster by name 省略可能


php maintenance/populateContentTables.php [ --table| --reuse-content| --start-revision| --start-archive ]
$ php maintenance/populateContentTables.php

Populating revision...
Done populating revision table. Processed 23 rows in 5.3234234427 seconds
Populating archive...
Done populating archive table. Processed 4 rows in 1.2453454356 seconds

Done. Processed 27 rows in 7.1324234451 seconds

Release changes

Changes since MediaWiki 1.32.4

  • Compute sha1 and length if needed in maintenance/populateContentTables.php.