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populateArchiveRevId.php is a maintenance script that populates the archive.ar_rev_id field in rows where it is missing.

When revisions are deleted, their unique rev_id is stored in the archive table so it can be retained after undeletion. This is necessary to retain permalinks to given revisions after accidental delete cycles or messy operations like history merges. Old entries from MediaWiki 1.4 will be NULL, and a new rev_id will be created on undeletion for those revisions.

This script runs by default when you run update.php . It processes 100 items in every batch.


This script does not take any options.


php maintenance/populateArchiveRevId.php
$ php maintenance/populateArchiveRevId.php

Populating ar_rev_id...
Completed ar_rev_id population, 7 rows updated.

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