Immutable value object representing a page identity. Extends PageReferenceValue and implements ProperPageIdentity.

  • Instances of this class are expected to always represent proper pages, that is, pages that can at least potentially exist as editable pages on the wiki. This class cannot represent Special pages, interwiki links, section links, etc.
  • Code that deserializes instances of this class must ensure that the original meaning of the "local" Wiki ID is preserved: when an instance of PageIdentityValue is created with self::LOCAL as the Wiki ID on one wiki, gets serialized, stored, and later read and unserialized on another wiki, then the value of the Wiki ID must be adjusted to refer to the original wiki.

Public methods

  • tryNew() - construct a PageIdentityValue, or return null if the parameters are not valid.
  • localIdentity() - create PageIdentity for a local page.
  • getId() - get the numerical page ID provided to the constructor.
  • exists() - returns whether the page currently exists (boolean).
  • canExist()

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