Manual:Teste de unidade PHP

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We do unit and integration testing of MediaWiki's PHP code base using the PHPUnit framework.

Veja a nossa cobertura de testes.

MediaWiki core's PHP unit and integration tests are in the tests/phpunit directory. When adding new tests, unit tests should be placed in tests/phpunit/unit and integration tests should be placed in tests/phpunit/integration The directory structure roughly matches that of the code being tested. For example: you can find the unit tests for file includes/libs/JavaScriptMinifier.php in tests/phpunit/unit/includes/libs/JavaScriptMinifierTest.php.

Extensions should have PHPUnit tests in a tests/phpunit subdirectory, using subdirectories to separate unit and integration tests, e.g. extensions/{extensionName}/tests/phpunit/unit and extensions/{extensionName}/tests/phpunit/integration.

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