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nukeNS.php file is a maintenance script to remove all pages with only one revision (by default) from the MediaWiki namespace , without flooding recent changes, deletion logs, etc. It has originally been added to remove the content of unchanged interface texts from the MediaWiki namespace, but it can be used to basically delete all pages from any namespace.


オプション 説明 必須かどうか
--delete Actually delete the pages and their revisions. Without this option, the script works in dry-run mode. 省略可能
--ns Namespace to delete from. Defaults to the MediaWiki: namespace. You must provide the namespace number, not the name. See Manual:名前空間 for a list. 省略可能
--all Delete pages regardless of revision count. With this option, not only pages with only one single revision, but also pages with more than one revision will be deleted. 省略可能


php maintenance/nukeNS.php [ --delete| --ns| --all ]

Checking potential deletion


Making deletion