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migrateImageCommentTemp.php is a maintenance script that merges image_comment_temp into the image table.

The image_comment_temp table is a temporary table creating a relation between each row of the image table and a row of the comment table. It was created to avoid blocking on an alteration of the image table. On large wikis like Wikimedia Commons, altering the image table is a months-long process. The image_comment_temp table was created to avoid such an alteration, and will be merged back into the image table in the future.

The image_comment_temp table was introduced in Gerrit change 357892. See also revision_comment_temp table.

In MediaWiki 1.32, the image_comment_temp table was merged into the image table with タスク T188132. After that, the image_comment_temp table is removed.

This script runs by default when you run Manual:update.php .




php maintenance/migrateImageCommentTemp.php
$ php maintenance/migrateImageCommentTemp.php

Merging image_comment_temp into the image table...
... 273, updated 34, deleted 7

Completed merge of image_comment_temp into the image table, 34 image rows updated, 7 image_comment_temp rows deleted.


Run update.php to create img_description_id.

If you run this script directly, you will get this error as this script requires the img_description_id field in the image table, so the best way to run this script is to run through update.php .

image_comment_temp does not exist, so nothing to do.

This error occurs when the image_comment_temp table does not exist, so no further action is necessary.

Ignoring $count orphaned image_comment_temp row(s).

This error indicates that even after running the script, there are some orphaned rows. In this case, you can run the script again or check the orphaned rows manually.