Details edit

mctest.php is a MediaWiki maintenance script that makes several 'set', 'incr', 'get' requests on every memcached server and shows a report.

Options/Arguments edit

Option Description Required Default value
--i Number of iterations Optional 100
--cache Use servers from this $wgObjectCaches store Optional
--driver Either "php" or "pecl" Optional php
--server[:port] Memcached server to test, with optional port Optional

Usage edit

php maintenance/mctest.php [ --i| --cache| --driver| --server[:port] ]

Basic test edit


Test with custom iterations edit


Test with custom server and port edit


Common error edit

MediaWiki isn't configured for Memcached usage
This error occurs when your MediaWiki installation is not configured properly with memcached server.
MediaWiki isn't configured with a cache named '$cache'
This indicates that you have not configured the '$cache' properly in $wgObjectCaches. Check LocalSettings.php for configuration details.

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