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makeTestEdits.php maintenance script allows a developer to made random edits for testing. This is a very helpful feature for those who run test wiki and want to create some random pages to testing a new version or patch.


Option Description Required? Default value
--user Valid username of an existing user on wiki Required
--count Number of edits to be made Required
--namespace Namespace number in which edits need to be made Optional 0 (Main namespace)


php maintenance/makeTestEdits.php --user UserName --count EditCounts [--namespace NamespaceNumer]

Making 20 edits with username Foo

Spaces inside a username must be replaced with underscores ( _ ) or use double quotation like "Foo Bar"

Common error

No such user exists.

This indicates that the username is not a valid username of an existing user on wiki. If the username contains spaces, see Tip 1 above.

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