This page is a translated version of the page Manual:Main Page and the translation is 50% complete.

如果没有在index.php的参数中指定页面,wiki将跳转到首页。 如果用户点击logo侧边栏上的首页链接,也将跳转到首页。 首页页面所在的位置(标题)可以通过修改MediaWiki:Mainpage来修改。 “首页”的用词及其翻译可以通过系统消息MediaWiki:Mainpage-description查看和修改(例如在MediaWiki:Sidebar等位置的使用)。

To change which page is the main page, in the search bar, type MediaWiki:Mainpage. Then edit it so its content is the name of the page you want to be the main page. MediaWiki:Mainpage should always contain the title, because it is a system message that is reserved for the title of the main page, so don't change it to MediaWiki:x.

The title displayed on the Main Page can be customized by editing MediaWiki:Mainpage-title and MediaWiki:Mainpage-title-loggedin. If created but set to the empty string, no title will be shown.