MediaWiki:Categorytree-member-num is displayed on category pages with sub-categories. It shows counts of sub-categories and pages.

It is set to ($5) by default.


Parameters edit

Parameter Meaning
$1 Number of subcategories
$2 Number of articles (not including category pages or file pages)
$3 Number of uploaded files
$4 Total number of member pages, including category pages and file pages
$5 Something close to ($1 C, $2 P, $3 F) but with anything that is 0 omitted.
More precisely, a comma separated list of the number of pages (mediawiki:categorytree-num-pages), subcategories (mediawiki:categorytree-num-categories), and images (mediawiki:categorytree-num-files) in the category, or empty (mediawiki:categorytree-num-empty) in the case the category has no members.
In versions prior to those around 1.19, this value ($5) was different from the current output. See older version as described in an older revision of the CategoryTree extension's documentation.