Manual:Installing MediaWiki on

Here are some tips for installing MediaWiki on


Create a webarea and MySQL or PostgreSQL database in the panel. (Explain your reasons and wait for the approval. For the MySQL/PostgreSQL database you can say it is for the Wiki)

From then on the install is normal (just that the database host is "sql"). MediaWiki will complain about the session directory, but the wiki should work.

After InstallingEdit

Here are a few tips and tricks:

Use a Download Repository for UploadsEdit

By default TuxFamily will allow up 200MB for everything except for dumps. Of course that space can be increased but if you're building an open-content project you may wish to use the Download Repository service because it offers some more space.

Create the Download Repository (again explain) and if it is approved set the following inside your LocalSettings.php file:

$wgUploadDirectory = "/data/download/(your project)";
$wgUploadPath = " project)";

Replace "(your project)" with your group's name as displayed on the panel. (For example, if your project is My Project, then your group name is as displayed in the panel (mygroup).)

Secure Deleted FilesEdit

This code assumes that MediaWiki is in a subdirectory of the web root, and that /home/project/ (only a example for shell server) exists:

$wgFileStore['deleted']['directory'] = $IP . "/../../php-include/deletedfiles";

Use the SSH serviceEdit

You should use the SSH service (just set a shell in your user preferences, "/bin/bash" usually does the trick) in order to fully maintain your mediawiki install. It is needed to run scripts inside the "maintenance" directory.

Prettify your URLsEdit

Manual:Short URL/wiki/Page title -- no root access will work on TuxFamily.