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index.phpはMediaWikiサイトの主なアクセスポイントです。他の主なアクセスポイントはapi.php で、MediaWiki API のリクエストを処理します。

The URL of index.php can be customized using $wgScript .


MediaWiki バージョン:

ほとんどのリクエストは、index.php で次の操作を行います:

  1. Ensure the version of PHP is supported, otherwise display an error.
  1. First, it includes WebStart.php , which mainly just includes Setup.php .

This in turn sets up the PHP environment for MediaWiki, such as installing the class autoloader, including the vendor dependencies, default configuration, and applying the site's LocalSettings.php file.

  1. Next, it instantiates the MediaWiki class from MediaWiki.php , which is responsible for interpreting URL parameters like "title" and "action" to determine what the current request should do.

It then dispatches the relevant Action subclass to do that thing.

  1. Finally, MediaWiki::restInPeace() is called, which does things like closing database transactions, and running any deferred updates .