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Manual:Importing XML dumps/from

< Manual:Importing XML dumps

Use Special:Export to export some content from Then import the created dumps in your wiki through [[Special:Import]].


What content?Edit

MediaWiki namespaceEdit

Edit MessagesEdit

common.js & .cssEdit

This content will need adaptation

Template namespaceEdit

Select templates in category:templates and especially Category:Formatting templates

Files from commons.wikimediaEdit

Since MediaWiki revision 1.13.0 you can direct embed media from Wikimedia Commons into your own wiki using $wgForeignFileRepos.

Help namespaceEdit

  • Help:Contents (prefix used is [[mw:, else [[mediawikiwiki: should be fine)
Tricky: Project:PD help/export

What dumps?Edit

Shared dumps...

june 2009Edit