Manual:Huggle/List builder


  The manual is a work in progress. Please add to it with complete, tested instructions wherever you can.  

Images in the manual may differ from what you see in your version of Huggle.

The list builder enables you to build custom lists for Huggle to work through using a variety of different sources.

On the left:

  • Add — Adds a new list to the list builder
  • Delete — Deletes the selected list from the list builder
  • Copy — Copies the selected list
  • Rename — Renames the selected list

Watching your watchlist (Huggle version 0.9.6)


To watch your own watchlist:

  1. Close Huggle, open your own watchlist here and make any changes you desire, and restart Huggle. (Note: To watch an entire category of pages, export the page names via Special:Export and paste the names into your watchlist.)
  2. Select menu Queue-->Manage Queues and then the Page title tab.
    1. Under Queues, add a new queue named Watchlist.
    2. Under Queue type, select the radio button for Dynamic list.
  3. Select the List source tab.
    1. On the Source type dropdown, select Watchlist.
    2. Do not select the checkbox for re-adding pages that were previously removed. As of this writing, the writer's experience is that doing so will cause Huggle to return an error every time a new page is selected.
  4. Press OK and test.

Remember, queues are not saved between sessions and your watchlist will not update until one of the watched pages is changed.

Also Note: Watchlist watching does not yet appear to be enabled.

Page title filters (Huggle version 0.9.6)


If you wish to limit your search to pages having a specific word in the page title, use page title filters. The field label does say, "Title matches regular expression:" but try just entering your keyword first. If you're interested in searching on just one word, formal regex syntax does not appear to be necessary.