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Manual:Huggle/Menú de ayuda

This page is a translated version of the page Manual:Huggle/Help menu and the translation is 10% complete.

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  El manual es un trabajo en curso. Añádelo con instrucciones completas y probadas siempre que sea posible.  

Las imágenes del manual pueden diferir de lo que ves en tu versión de Huggle.

The help menu links you to all of the information about Huggle.

Huggle 3 Help menu

  • Contents (F1) opens up the default browser and points it to this Manual.
  • Introduction opens up the message displayed whenever Huggle is launched
  • Feedback opens up the default browser and points it to Feedback, where you can give the developers bug reports and feature requests.
  • About Huggle... opens up a view with all of the contributors to Huggle. It will look like:
Huggle 3 About Huggle window