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バージョン 1.7.0 (r14138) から利用可能
Called after the personal URLs have been set up, before they are shown.
public static function onPersonalUrls( array &$personal_urls, Title $title, SkinTemplate $skin ) { ... }
フックのアタッチ: extension.json 内:
	"Hooks": {
		"PersonalUrls": "MyExtensionHooks::onPersonalUrls"
呼び出し元: ファイル: skins/SkinTemplate.php
インターフェイス: PersonalUrlsHook.php

フックの設定についての詳細情報は Manual:フック を参照してください。
このフックを使用する拡張機能の例については、Category:PersonalUrls extensions/ja を参照してください。


  • $personal_urls: the array of URLs set up so far
  • $title: the Title object of the current article
  • $skin: SkinTemplate object providing context (e.g. to check if the user is logged in, etc.) - since 1.23 (gerrit:95776)

personal_urls items format

Each line of the array is composed from an array, containing 4 items:
Key Description
text The link text
href The link URL
active Determines if this link is the active page
class Custom CSS class for the link (e.g. new if the page doesn't exist)
icon Icon identifier, for use in skins which support it, e.g. Vector (2022)

Only text and href are mandatory.

List of PersonalUrls

In a vanilla MediaWiki install, the $personal_urls contains the following entries:

Key Description Target page sample
userpage & anonuserpage The user page User:John Doe
mytalk & anontalk The user talk page User talk:John Doe
preferences The preferences special page Special:Preferences
watchlist The user watchlist Special:Watchlist
mycontris The user contributions page Special:Contributions/John Doe
logout The logout page Special:UserLogout
createaccount The registration page Special:Createaccount
login & anonlogin The login page Special:UserLogin