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fixMergeHistoryCorruption.php is a maintenance script to clears rows of pages corrupted by MergeHistory, those pages exist but have no visible revision.

These pages are completely inaccessible via the UI due to revision/title mismatch exceptions in RevisionStore and elsewhere.

These are rows in page table that have page_latest entry with corresponding rev_id but no associated rev_page entry in revision table. Such rows create ghost pages because their page_latest is actually living on different pages (which possess the associated rev_page on revision table now).


Option Beschreibung Notwendig?
--ns Namespace to restrict the query Optional
--dry-run Run in dry-mode which does not delete anything Optional
--delete Actually delete the found rows Optional


php maintenance/fixMergeHistoryCorruption.php [ --ns| --dry-run| --delete ]
$ php maintenance/fixMergeHistoryCorruption.php --delete

Deleting Foo with page_id: 46
Updating page_id 134 to page_latest 465

Updated 1 row(s), deleted 1 row(s)

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