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fixDefaultJsonContentPages.php is a maintenance script that fixes instances of JSON pages prior to them being the ContentHandler . ContentHandler is part of MediaWiki core beginning with version 1.21. This script finds JSON pages in the MediaWiki and User namespaces and fixes the page content model in the database.

This script runs by default when you run update.php . It process 100 items in a batch.


Dieses Skript akzeptiert keine Optionen oder Argumente.


php maintenance/fixDefaultJsonContentPages.php
$ php maintenance/fixDefaultJsonContentPages.php

Processing MediaWiki:Proofreadpage index data config.json (210)...
Setting page_content_model to json...done.

Processing MediaWiki:TwinkleConfig.json (345)...
Setting page_content_model to json...done.

Processing MediaWiki:BookMetadata.json (423)...
Setting page_content_model to json...done.

Processing MediaWiki:BookFormat.json (424)...
Setting page_content_model to json...done.
Whenever the script runs, it makes a note in the database and will not run again. If you want to run the script again, run the command with the --force option.

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