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findMissingActors.php is a maintenance script for finding and replacing invalid actor IDs, see task T261325.

This allows bad actor IDs to be overwritten with some default. This solves the problem of rows in tables like ipblocks, logging, or revision not being found due to a failing join against the actor table.


Option Beschreibung Notwendig?
--field The name of a database field to process Notwendig
--skip A comma-separated list of actor IDs to skip Optional
--overwrite-with Replace missing actors with this user. Typically, this would be "Unknown user", but it could be any reserved system user (per $wgReservedUsernames ) or locally registered user. If not given, invalid actors will only be listed, not fixed. You will be prompted for confirmation before data is written. Optional


php maintenance/findMissingActors.php --field [ --skip| --overwrite-with ]
$ php maintenance/findMissingActors.php --field log_actor

Finding invalid actor IDs in logging.log_actor...
	Found 0 invalid actor IDs.

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