This page is a translated version of the page Manual:DumpTextPass.php and the translation is 20% complete.


dumpTextPass.php file is a maintenance script that postprocesses XML dumps from dumpBackup.php to add page text which was stubbed out (using --stub).



Option/Parameter Description
--stub=<typ>:<plik> To load a compressed stub dump instead of stdin
--prefetch=<typ>:<plik> Use a prior dump file as a text source, to save pressure on the database.
--maxtime=<minuty> Write out checkpoint file after this many minutes (writing out complete page, closing xml file properly, and opening new one with header). This option requires the checkpointfile option.
--checkpointfile=<filenamepattern> Use this string for checkpoint filenames, substituting first pageid written for the first %s (required) and the last pageid written for the second %s if it exists.
--quiet Don't dump status reports to stderr.
--report=n Report position and speed after every n pages processed.
--server=h Force reading from MySQL server h
--full Dump all revisions of every page
--current Base ETA on number of pages in database instead of all revisions
--spawn Spawn a subprocess for loading text records
--buffersize Buffer size in bytes to use for reading the stub. (Default: 512KB, Minimum: 4KB)
--help Display the help message