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Details edit

deleteLocalPasswords.php is a maintenance script that deletes local passwords for users.

This script is important when you merge your current wiki into a wiki farm and want to delete all local passwords from the database. It processes 100 items in every batch.

Options edit

Option Description Required
--user If specified, only checks the given user Optional
--delete To prevent accidents, you must provide this flag to delete passwords Optional
--prefix Instead of deleting, make passwords invalid by prefixing with :null:. Make sure PasswordConfig has a 'null' entry. This is meant for testing before deletion. Optional
--unprefix Instead of deleting, undo the effect of --prefix Optional

Although the 'delete', 'prefix', and 'unprefix' options are not required, one of them must be used.

Usage edit

php maintenance/deleteLocalPasswords.php [ --user| --delete| --prefix| --unprefix ]

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