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deleteAutoPatrolLogs.php is a maintenance script that removes autopatrol logs from the logging table.

Autopatrol logs were permanently disabled in MediaWiki 1.31 because it was considered unnecessary and generated a lot of entries in the already large logging table. See task T184485 for discussion.


Option Description Required Default
--check-old Check old patrol logs (for deleting old format autopatrols) Optional
--before Timestamp to delete only before that time, all MediaWiki timestamp formats are accepted Optional
--from-id First row (log id) to start updating from Optional
--sleep Sleep time (in seconds) between every batch Optional 10
--dry-run Print debug info instead of actually deleting Optional
--batch-size Batch size to process at a time Optional 1000


php maintenance/deleteAutoPatrolLogs.php [ --check-old| --before| --from-id| --sleep| --dry-run ]
$ php maintenance/deleteAutoPatrolLogs.php

Processed up to row id 2456.

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