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createCommonPasswordCdb.php file creates a common password CDB database. It takes a file like as an example.


Option Description Required?
inputfile List of passwords (one per line) to use or - for stdin Wymagane
output Location to write CDB file to (Try $IP/includes/password/commonpasswords.cdb) Wymagane
--limit Max number of passwords to write Optional


php maintenance/createCommonPasswordCdb.php inputfile output [ --limit ]

php maintenance/createCommonPasswordCdb.php 2020-200_most_used_passwords.txt commonpass.cdb

Password '123456789' already written (line 50)
Password '987654321' already written (line 124)
Password '123456' already written (line 135)
Successfully wrote 197 (out of 200) passwords to commonpass.cdb

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