Details edit

copyFileBackend.php file is a maintenance script to copy all files in some containers of one backend to another.

Options edit

Option Description Required
--src Backend containing the source files Required
--dst Backend where files should be copied to Required
--containers Pipe separated list of containers Required
--subdir Only do items in this child directory Optional
--ratefile File to check periodically for batch size Optional
--prestat Stat the destination files first (try to use listings) Optional
--skiphash Skip SHA-1 sync checks for files Optional
--missingonly Only copy files missing from destination listing Optional
--syncviadelete Delete destination files missing from source listing Optional
--utf8only Skip source files that do not have valid UTF-8 names Optional

Usage edit

php maintenance/copyFileBackend.php --src sourceBackend --dst destinationBackend --containers containers [ --subdir| --ratefile| --prestat| --skiphash| --missingonly| --syncviadelete| --utf8only ]
To give more than one container, give them as separated by pipe (|) like local-public|local-deleted

Common errors edit

No backend defined with the name '$name'.

This error occurs when the value of --src or --dst does not exist in Manual:$wgFileBackends . Check your --src or --dst parameter.

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