This page is a translated version of the page Manual:CleanupImages.php and the translation is 33% complete.


cleanupImages.php file is a maintenance script to clean up broken or unparseable upload filenames. The edits will be attributed to the user called Conversion script.


Option/Parameter Description
--dry-run Perform a dry run

Détails techniques

These notes are based on an inspection of cleanupImages.php from MediaWiki 1.19.

Noms qui posent problème

Image names containing the following elements are candidates for name replacement:

  • percent codes
  • HTML entities
  • deprecated Latin-1 characters
  • non-normalized Unicode

Noms de remplacement

When encountering a problematic image name, the script will attempt to automatically derive a safe name. If the derived name comes up empty (perhaps there is nothing left after removal of unsafe characters) or the derived name matches the name of another image which already exists, the problematic image file will be skipped without name replacement.