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cleanupEmptyCategories.php is a maintenance script to clean up empty categories in the category table. This script will clean up the category table by removing entries for empty categories without a description page and adding entries for empty categories with a description page. It will print out progress indicators every batch. The script is perfectly safe to run on large, live wikis, and running it multiple times is harmless. You may want to use the throttling options if it's causing too much load; they will not affect correctness.

If the script is stopped and later resumed, you can use the --mode and --begin options with the last printed progress indicator to pick up where you left off.


Option Description Required?
--mode Use "add" option to empty categories with description pages, "remove" option to empty categories without description pages or "both" to actually do both. Default: both optionnel
--begin Only do categories whose names are alphabetically after the provided name optionnel
--throttle Wait this many milliseconds after each batch. Default: 0 optionnel
--force If the script was already ever used once force it to cleanup again. Default: unused optionnel


php maintenance/cleanupEmptyCategories.php [ --mode| --begin| --throttle| --force ]


Lorsqu'il s'exécute, le script crée une note dans la base de données et ne sera plus réexécuté. Pour permettre une nouvelle exécution, relancez la commande avec l'option --force.

See bogue T235019.

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