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cleanupCaps.php file is a maintenance script that is used to clean up broken page links when somebody turns off $wgCapitalLinks . The conversions will be attributed to the user called Conversion script.

This script transforms ALL the pages from your Wiki from uppercases to lowercases and creates redirects from the uppercases to lowercases (example: If you have a page called "Bear", it will move it to page "bear" and the page "Bear" will be a redirect to "bear") - do not use this script, unless you are prepared to manually fix a lot of redirects!

Options/Arguments edit

Option Description Required?
--dry-run Don't actually try moving them. Optional
--namespace Namespace to run the script for. Default is 0 (main namespace). Optional

Usage edit

php maintenance/cleanupCaps.php [ --dry-run|  --namespace ]

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Actually moving pages edit


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