This command-line maintenance script checks source files for syntax errors and common coding mistakes, such as byte order marks, pointless PHP closing tags (?>) at the end of file and whitespace before the opening tag (<?php).



If called without arguments, checkSyntax.php scans through main code directories (/includes/, /config/, /languages/, /maintenance/ and /skins/) and, if it exists, checks the configuration file LocalSettings.php . For example:

Command-line options:

also scan the /extensions/ directory.
--path <path to check>
check the given file or directory.
--list-file <filename>
check only files or directories listed in the given text file.
check only files modified in the current working copy (requires that the script is run from a Git clone and that the Git command-line client is present. Use this option to quickly check your changes before committing them to your repository.