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blockUsers.php file is a maintenance script to block or unblock a batch of users.

By default, all users are hard blocked, auto blocked from any current and subsequent IP addresses, email disabled, unable to write to their user page and unable to create further accounts with no expiry to this block. You can change these configuration through options.


オプション/引数 説明 必須かどうか
<file> A file where each line contains the name of a user to be blocked. If not given, script reads from standard input 省略可能
--performer Username that will be shown in the log entries (does not need to be in the sysop group) 省略可能
--reason Reason for blocks. If empty, no reason will be shown in the logs 省略可能
--reblock Reblock users who are already blocked 省略可能
--expiry Expiry of the block (can be something like "1 week" or a timestamp) 省略可能
--unblock If this option is passed, script will unblock the users instead 省略可能
--allow-createaccount Allow account creation for blocked IPs 省略可能
--allow-email Allow blocked accounts to send emails 省略可能
--allow-talkedit The block user will be able to edit their own talk page 省略可能
--disable-hardblock Don't block logged in accounts from a blocked IP address 省略可能
--disable-autoblock Don't autoblock IP addresses used by the accounts 省略可能


php maintenance/blockUsers.php [ <file>| --performer| --reason| --reblock| --expiry| --unblock| --allow-createaccount| --allow-email| --allow-talkedit| --disable-hardblock| --disable-autoblock ]

$ php maintenance/blockUsers.php userlist.txt --performer "Foo" --reason "Vandalism"

Blocking 'A' succeeded.
Blocking ‘C’ succeeded.
Blocking 'Bar' failed (There is no user by the name "Bar". Check your spelling.).

(This will block the users contained in the text file "userlist.txt")

If the filename is omitted, the script will expect a list of users on the standard input.