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Details edit

benchmarkParse.php file is a maintenance script to benchmark how long it takes to parse a given title at an optionally specified timestamp.

Options/Arguments edit

Option/Argument Description Required?
title The name of the page to parse Required
--warmup Repeat the parse operation this number of times to warm the cache Optional
--loops Number of times to repeat parse operation post-warmup Optional
--page-time Use the version of the page which was current at the given time Optional
--tpl-time Use templates which were current at the given time (except that moves and deletes are not handled properly) Optional
--reset-linkcache Reset the LinkCache after every parse. Optional

Usage edit

php maintenance/benchmarks/benchmarkParse.php title [ --warmup| --loops| --page-time| --tpl-time| --reset-linkcache ]


Obama test edit

Colloquial name for a quick test of the parsing speed on Wikimedia servers, which uses the infamous Barack Obama article (which used to take 30+ seconds for parsing).

php /usr/local/apache/common/multiversion/MWScript.php maintenance/benchmarks/benchmarkParse.php \
--wiki=enwiki --loops=10 --warmup=10 "Barack Obama"

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