Thumbnail settings: $wgTiffThumbnailType
The format and MIME type to convert TIFF images to.
Introduced in version:1.15.0 (r48462)
Removed in version:still in use
Allowed values:(Array with 2 entries)
Default value:[] (1.34+)
false (1.15-1.33)



Array of file extension and MIME type to convert TIFF images to when sending them for inline display in web pages. By default, this is false, meaning this conversion does not occur.

Browsers don't support TIFF inline generally, so images need to be converted to an alternate format. Note scaling should work with ImageMagick, but may not with GD scaling. Will not work on images with resolution greater than 12.5 MP.


// PNG is lossless, but inefficient for photos
$wgTiffThumbnailType = array( 'png', 'image/png' );

// JPEG is good for photos, but has no transparency support. Bad for diagrams.
$wgTiffThumbnailType = array( 'jpg', 'image/jpeg' );