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Tidy: $wgTidyConfig
Configuration of the HTML postprocessing tool to use for fixing invalid HTML code.
Introduced in version:1.26.0
Removed in version:still in use
Allowed values:(array) or null
Default value:[] (1.36+)

[ 'driver' => 'RemexHtml' ] (1.31-1.35)

null (1.26-1.30)


Configuration for HTML postprocessing tool. Set this to a configuration array to enable an external tool. Dave Raggett's "HTML Tidy" is typically used. See

The replacement for Tidy is going to be RemexHtml

If this is null and $wgUseTidy is true, the deprecated configuration parameters will be used instead. If this is null and $wgUseTidy is false, a pure PHP fallback will be used.

Keys are:

  • driver: May be:
    • RaggettInternalHHVM: Use the limited-functionality HHVM extension
    • RaggettInternalPHP: Use the PECL extension
    • RaggettExternal: Shell out to an external binary (tidyBin)
    • Html5Depurate: Use external Depurate service (removed in 1.32) Gerrit change 431531
    • Html5Internal: Use the Balancer library in PHP (removed in 1.32) Gerrit change 431531
    • RemexHtml: Use the RemexHtml library in PHP
  • tidyConfigFile: Path to configuration file for any of the Raggett drivers
  • debugComment: True to add a comment to the output with warning messages
  • tidyBin: For RaggettExternal, the path to the tidy binary.
  • tidyCommandLine: For RaggettExternal, additional command line options.


Configure MediaWiki to use the tidy PECL package:

$wgTidyConfig = [
    'driver' => 'RaggettInternalPHP',
    'tidyConfigFile' => "$IP/includes/tidy/tidy.conf",

or to use the tidy binary:

$wgTidyConfig = [
    'driver' => 'RaggettExternal',
    'tidyConfigFile' => "$IP/includes/tidy/tidy.conf",
    'tidyBin' => 'tidy',
    'tidyCommandLine' => '',

The connection between $wgTidyConfig and the settings used by older MediaWiki versions ($wgTidyInternal , $wgUseTidy , $wgTidyBin , $wgTidyConf , $wgTidyOpts , $wgDebugTidy ) is roughly:

$wgTidyConfig = $wgUseTidy ? [
    'driver' => $wgTidyInternal ? 'RaggettInternalPHP' : 'RaggettExternal',
    'tidyConfigFile' => $wgTidyConf,
    'debugComment' => $wgDebugTidy,
    'tidyBin' => $wgTidyBin,
    'tidyCommandLine' => $wgTidyOpts,
] : null;